A victim of its own success

Calanque de Port-Pin surfréquentée en été © J.P. Durand - Parc national des Calanques
Calanque de Port-Pin calme en hiver, mais surfréquentée en été
En-Vau, Port-Pin, Port-Miou et Cassis vues du ciel © F. Launette
Port-Pin, sa guinguette et ses voitures dans les années 50
Port-Pin au début du XXe siècle
Port-Pin au XIXe siècle par Raphaël Ponson, le « peintre des Calanques »
This is the easternmost calanque in the Marseille area. It is a deep cove, like its neighbours: En-Vau to the west, and Port-Miou to the east. Its stunning beauty and easy access mean the calanque is overcrowded in summer.


Getting here and regulations


Getting here

From Cassis: Port-Pin calanque is about 45 minutes on foot from the town centre. A shuttle operates between Cassis and Port-Miou calanque, then walk to Port-Pin.

From there, it is also possible to walk to En-Vau. Beware: this can be a very difficult walk due to steep trails, particularly in summer: make sure you are prepared.

Hiking trail: Port-Pin calanque 

Getting to the Calanques from Cassis



GPS coordinates: 43.204030, 5.510658


Map of routes and trails to Port-Pin calanque

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Before heading out to visit the Calanques National Park, make sure you are prepared and read about good conduct and regulations here.

The calanque is open to visitors all year round. The surrounding hills are also open to visitors, except when closed due to fire danger.

Note: Port-Pin is overcrowded in summer, particularly for swimming. Take public transport to Cassis when possible. The car parks are often full. Respect the natural environment: take your rubbish with you and do not create noise pollution.