Boat tours

Explore the Calanques from the sea

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Every year, many visitors choose to visit the Calanques from the sea. But please note, boat trips are subject to regulations!  Before embarking, prepare your trip: make sure you have enough water and sunscreen and read our recommendations carefully.

Calanques cruises: how to choose the right service

Decided to visit the Calanques on a boat trip? The number of authorised passenger crafts in the Calanques is limited. They can be identified by a sticker and an orange flag.

Note: craft not bearing these identification signs are illegal and passengers can be charged. Choose carefully!



Hire a boat from an authorised professional

To protect the environment from the impact of maritime traffic, the Calanques National Park has established regulations for motorboat hire.

Only professionals with a green sticker are authorised to hire out boats. Note: no green sticker means the service is illegal and customers can be charged. Choose carefully!



Boat hire between individuals in the Calanques

Boat hire between individuals for use in the Calanques is authorised but subject to strict regulations.

Please be careful - many problems result in this activity each year. We strongly recommend hiring a boat from an authorised professional rather than a private boat owner. 



The marine environment of the Calanques National Park is protected. Both private and hire boats are subject to basic regulations and recommended conduct to preserve the site and ensure optimal conditions for all.


A sign of quality: the blue flag or Pavillon Bleu

The blue flag or sticker showing the Esprit Parc national quality label identifies boats that provide excellent service.

Visit the Calanques with a sailboat or an electric or hybrid craft with a team engaged in the preservation and improvement of the natural environment.