Underwater caves



These semi-dark caves correspond to vertical, shadowy overhangs or entrances to caves that are more of less exposed to light. The environmental conditions of these dark caves are very specific and can be similar to those of areas very deep in the sea. A diverse range of organisms can be found here, that change according to the specificities of each cave: water stagnation or the presence of currents, water temperature, etc. To meet these special living conditions organisms who live here have developed sometimes exceptional particularities. Many rare species can be found here that either endemic of that usually live in deep waters.

Did you know?

3D mapping tools have been used make a virtual representation of the Grotte Cosquer cave and its environment in order to study the cave’s geographical and geological context.

Main associated species

  • Red coral
  • Carnivorous sponge
  • Mediterranean slipper lobster

Conservation stakes

Very strong

How can I help to protect them?

  • I do not remove any animals or plants
  • I avoid bubbles accumulating on the cave’s ceiling
  • I ensure not to alter the species with the strokes of flippers