Sabline de Provence

© M. Berenger - Parc national des Calanques
© A. Baumel
© C. Adrian - Parc national des Calanques


The Sabline de Provence is a small wonder, no more than 20 centimetres in height. Being able to see it is a true privilege because it only grows in rocky habitats in Provence, France. It has branching stems making it look graceful. Its elegant flowers bloom in spring and have five white petals. It is an annual plant that sprouts with fall rains and completes its entire vegetative cycle before summer. Its habitat, scree, is strongly threatened by trampling and off-trail paths...

Scientific name

Arenaria provincialis

Where and when can you see it?

  • Natural habitats: Limestone pavements et Scree
  • Flowering season: April to June

Did you know?

Home to a big population of Sabline de Provence, the Calanques National Park is a reference site for the conservation of this protected species.

Conservation stake

Very strong


  • The erosion of scree and limestone pavements due to trampling, mountain biking and the proliferation of wild boar populations.
  • The colonisation of scree and limestone pavements by bushes
  • Channelling visitors
  • Raising public awareness

Conservation management initiatives

  • Channelling visitors
  • Raising public awareness

How can I help to protect it?

  • I keep to the trails
  • I avoid walking on scree, stones and limestone pavements
  • I look but I don’t touch