Dusky grouper

© F. Fedorowsky
© F. Fedorowsky
© H. Thedy


The dusky grouper is one of the most emblematic fish of the Mediterranean sea. Big and robust it can measure up to one metre in length and live up to 60 years old! It can be recognised by its prominent eyes and wide jaw. It is an hermaphrodite,i.e. it has the particularity of being born female and then becoming a male between 10 and 14 years of age.

Scientific name

Epinephelus marginatus

Natural habitats

Rocky seabed

Did you know ?

Overfishing nearly caused this grouper to disappear from the Mediterranean sea. Since 1993, a moratorium has enabled this species to be protected. Its stocks are gradually increasing.

Conservation stake

Very strong



Conservation management initiatives

In 1993 a moratorium was passed to prohibit fishing the grouper

How can I help to protect it?

I comply to the moratorium prohibiting it to be fished.