Brown meagre

© S. Ruitton
© S. Ruitton
© S. Ruitton
© H. Eskenazi


An emblematic Mediterranean species, the brown meagre is an elegant, relaxed looking fish. It can be recognized by its brown scales with a beautiful golden metallic tinge, its rounded back and its dorsal and caudal fins that have a black border. It size varies from 30 to 50 centimetres. This fish is sedentary, lives in small groups and swims in fairly shallow waters.

Sicentific name

Sciaena umbra

Natural habitats

Rocky seabeds

Did you know ?

The brown meagre has the particularity of emitting a sound when it makes its swim bladder vibrate!

Conservation stake

Very strong



Conservation management initiatives

  • Since January 2014 it benefits from a recreational fishing and spearfishing moratorium.
  • Implementation in 2012 of non-fishing zones in the heart of the National Park’s marine area

How can I help to protect it?

I comply to the moratorium prohibiting it to be fished.