Sugiton reservations 2024

The Calanques de Sugiton and Pierres Tombées have been victims of significant erosion due to their large numbers of visitors. In order to preserve nature, the National Park is limiting visitor numbers on 15-16 June, 22-23 June, every day from 29 June to 1 September, on 7-8 September and on 14-15 September 2024.
During these periods, access to the site is only permitted by making a prior, free, booking.


Making a reservation is all about preservation

The Calanque de Sugiton is extremely popular in summer, seeing peaks of up to 2,500 visitors a day.
This popularity has led to significant erosion. The impact of constant footfall has caused the land to gradually shift towards the beach.
This ground loss poses a threat to the pine forest as the roots of established trees become exposed and younger plants are unable to grow. If no action is taken, there is a risk that the site, including its biodiversity and landscapes will be permanently damaged.
With this reservation system, we aim to slow down the erosion process, helping the natural environment to regenerate, while allowing visitors to still have access to the site.

Sugiton reservations

  • Reservations are free and open to everyone
  • Reservations can be made from 9.00 a.m., 3 days prior to your visit
  • Reservations close at 6.00 p.m. on the day prior to your visit
  • Group reservations available for up to 5 people
  • Make your reservations by email
  • Present your booking details on arrival in order to access the cove
In the event of the Calanques being closed due to fire risk, a booking cancellation notification will be sent to you by email on the day prior to your visit.