Parc national des Calanques
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Thymelaea tartonraira


Thymelaea tartonraira is a small shrub whose leaves are covered on both sides with an abundance of silky, silvery down. It likes being by the sea where its compact shape protects it from the wind and very dry conditions. It can measure up to one metre in height and has small yellow flowers which release a mentholated scent.

Scientific name

Thymelaea tartonraira

Where and when can you see it?

  • Natural habitats: Phrygane areas, Garrigue scrubland
  • Flowering season: April to May

Did you know?

The National Park is host to the biggest populations of Thymelaea in mainland France.

Conservation stake



  • Trampling
  • Pollutes sea spray
  • Changes to its environment

Conservation management initiatives

Protection measures against erosion

How can I help to protect it?

  • I keep to the trails
  • I look but I don’t touch