Parc national des Calanques
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Prickly juniper


Prickly juniper or prickly cedar is a typical Mediterranean shrub known for its medicinal properties and scent. It is different from other junipers because its prickly needles are marked by two white strips on the upper surface. Its flowers that look like small green cones make way for berries that become reddish brown after two years of maturation.

Another close species, the common juniper, well known for its aromatic berries (used to flavor gin and sauerkraut!), Smaller and bluish, is absent from the Calanques. It is distinguished from prickly juniper by its needles which bear only a single white stripe.

Scientific name

Juniperus oxycedrus

Where and when can you see it?

  • Natural habitats: Garrigue scrubland
  • Flowering season: May

Did you know?

The wood of the prickly juniper is used to make cade oil which is used for both medicinal purposes and as an insect repellent.

Conservation stake


How can I help to protect it?

  • I keep to the trails
  • I look but I don’t touch