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Ocean sunfish


With its oval body, compressed and shortened, the ocean sunfish has a unique shape! It is sometimes mistaken for a shark when it shows its dorsal fin above the water. It mainly lives out at sea and is capable of diving to several meters deep in order to catch jellyfish, salp, shrimps and small fish. It can measure up to three meters in length and weigh up to two tonnes.

Scientific names

Mola mola

Natural habitats

Pelagic zone

Did you know?

It is called “sunfish” because it can spend many hours floating, lying on its side, “tanning in the sun” in order to warm itself.

Conservation stake



  • Accidentally fished
  • Changes to its environment
  • Pollution

How can I help to protect it?

  • I comply to fishing regulations in force
  • I use environment-friendly mooring techniques to limit the impact of anchoring on Neptune grass meadows and coralligenous structures/li>
  • In the case of anchoring out at sea, only anchor in areas where marine habitats are not fragile and raise the anchor vertically
  • I report any unusual environment incidents
  • I recover waste and dispose of it in suitable bins on land
  • I share this best practice with other seafarers and raise their awareness.