Parc national des Calanques
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Marseilleveyre ranges

A limestone summit by the sea

Partie ouest du massif de Marseilleveyre vue du ciel © F. Launette
Towering over the city of Marseille, Marseilleveyre is a fascinating beauty abound with mystery. A rich biodiversity thrives in this diverse and constrasting land. This stunning landscape is like a balcony overlooking the city, the islands, and the sea.


Getting here and regulations

Before heading out to visit the Calanques National Park, make sure you are prepared and read about good conduct and regulations here.

Marseilleveyre is open to visitors all year round, except when closed due to fire danger.


Getting here

The Marseilleveyre range can be reached from:

For more information, see the pertinent links and hiking trails below.



GPS coordinates: 43.223274, 5.371800