Parc national des Calanques
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Common smilax

© C. Bellanger - Parc national des Calanques


This creeper is easily recognised by its green leaves in the shape of an elongated heart which are sometimes flecked with white. It is entirely covered in thorns and has many tendrils that enable it to grip to other plants. In undergrowth this particularity enables it to access light easily.

Scientific names

Smilax aspera

Where and when can you see it?

  • Natural habitats: Coastal sea lavender (limonium) covered rocks, coastal garrigue scrubland
  • Flowering season: August to October

Did you know?

Perhaps its name, the common smilax, reminds you of something? In the cartoon series created by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo, the common smilax is the Smurfs favourite food!

Conservation stake


How can I help to protect it?

  • I keep to the trails
  • I look but I don’t touch